Convene an ongoing reform collaboration among leaders of primary election rule making bodies and public election officials.

CURRENT "2016 Project": Proposing primary election calendar rules reforms to RNC and DNC rules committees in consultation with the National Association of Secretaries of State for timely implementation in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Impressive and commendable new resolve demonstrated by the major political parties in the enforcement of new voting and calendar rules has proven effective in reducing chaotic front loading of state primary and caucus election dates.

The past two presidential election cycles, 2008 for the Democrats and 2012 for the Republicans, have seen extended contests that increased opportunities for participation by more voters in more states than ever before. Confidence in the system increases even as major challenges remain.

Can the parties and states agree on and enforce rules that move first contest dates later in the election year while also preventing over long primary season that overburdens an electorate unhappy with perpetual campaigns?

How can the many varied and often chaotic state party caucus processes, as part of the overall public primary election and civic engagement process, become more orderly, fair and inclusive?

Current NPC Participants:
- James Roosevelt, Jr., 
Democratic National Committee 
Co-chair, Rules and Bylaws Committee
- Bruce Ash, Republican National Committee Chair, Rules Committee
- David A. Norcross, 
Chairman Republican Nat’l Lawyers Assn, 
fmr Chairman RNC Rules Committee
- Elaine C. Kamarck, 
Democratic National Committee Rules Committee Member
 Harvard Kennedy School of Government
- Robert Bennett, 
National Committeeman from Ohio, 
Chairman Emeritus
- John Ryder, National Committeeman for Tennessee, Chairman, RNC Presidential Nominating Schedule Committee
- Carol Fowler
, former Co-chair DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee
- Trey Grayson, 
Director, Harvard Institute of Politics, 
Kentucky Secretary of State (2004-11)
- William G. Mayor, 
Professor of Political Science
, Northeastern University
- Joshua T. Putnam, 
Davidson College, 
Frontloading HQ
- Don Means, Director, National Presidential Caucus


In 2008 the NPC for Primary Election Reform first convened in New York City as a key bi-partisan leadership consortium including:

- Bob Bennett, OH GOP State Chair & author of partially adopted Ohio Plan
- Jim Roosevelt, Co-Chair Democratic Party Rules & Bylaws Committee
- David Norcross, Chair Republican Part Rules Committee
- Michael A. Mauro, Iowa Secretary of State, co-chair National Association of Secretaries of State
- Don Means, Director of the NPC.

Ron Allen, Correspondent from NBC News moderated.

2007 National Presidential Caucus
On December 7, 2007, the NPC first convened as nation-wide straw poll of local, face to face gatherings where thousands of citizens convened hundreds of discussion and deliberation groups in advance of the 2008 primary and in preparation for a de facto "national primary day", February 5, 2008.

2012 Reform (Videos)

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